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Pepper Cream – 4oz


Pain stems from the brain. Scientists now know that pain doesn’t originate from bodily tissues, as we once thought. It only exists if the brain interprets signals from the body as “painful.”

Psoria Derm – 40z


Homeopathic Formula Itching of Psoriasis For the temporary relief of symptoms of psoriasis such as dry skin rashes, itching, scaling, flaking, redness or irritation of the skin

Sciatica-Rx – 4oz


Sciatica is a common medical condition which results in chronic pain in your lower back and legs. This nerve issue is caused by compression of the spine or a herniated disk which puts pressure on your sciatic nerve. Because your sciatic nerve runs along your lower back, buttocks, and the backs of your legs, this is where you’ll feel chronic pain from this nerve condition.